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In order to provide the highest quality in the production process, Mallas Rubio, in 2021, opted for the installation of its own painting line; final step prior to the delivery to the customer of many of our products.

With the new facility, we control the traceability of the product, completing all the necessary processes for paint coating: degreasing, washing, drying and polymerization; Thus guaranteeing the use of the highest quality polyester powder paint, as well as the control of each of the phases, obtaining an excellent finish.


• Phosphate degreasing. It consists of cleaning and subsequent multi-metal phosphate bath, increasing the adherence and resistance of the paint.

• Mains water washing.

• Demineralised water washing.

• Rinse the parts to neutralise phosphates and degrease.

• Water drying. The piece goes through the drying tunnel at high temperature (150º) eliminating traces of water and humidity.

• Electrostatic painting. It is the application of polyester powder paint using automatic equipment.

• Polymerization oven. The paint is polymerised at 200ºC and a perfect adherence is achieved, which is hardened with a layer of 90 to 250 microns. controlled and calibrated.


• Degreasing of the parts. The galvanising reaction only occurs if the surfaces of the materials are chemically clean, in this case phosphoric acid is used.

• Pickling. It is subjected to a bath in hydrochloric acid.

• Rinse. It is subjected to a water bath after the acids.

• Fluxed. It is subjected to a salt bath so that the zinc adheres to the pieces.

• Galvanising. We subject the piece to a zinc bath at 450º. During immersion, the molten zinc produces a diffusion reaction between the zinc and the steel, forming different layers. When the pieces are removed, these layers become an external one which confers excellent resistance to corrosion.

Hot dip galvanising complies with the UNE EN ISO 1461:2009 standard.


Standard colors

Green RAL 6005

Gray RAL 7016

White RAL 9016

On request we have a wide range of colors according to the RAL chart.