Portable fence panels


• Easily-assembled portable mesh on reinforced concrete bases (commercial type) suitable for all terrains.
• Racks built in electrowelded meshes and 40 mm tube posts of Ø welded to the mesh.
• Four pinch marks in the mesh giving it great rigidity.
• Each netting includes pre-installed fitting pieces for screwing sections together (materials other than screws can be used).
• The portable mesh is fully made in galvanized material.
• Finish in defensive ends.
• All possible assembly alignments, both straight and angled.

• Temporary fencing for all areas.
• Construction site enclosures.
• All type of temporary enclosures.

Presentation and packaging
• Portable mesh modules presented in attached packages and suitable for forklift or crane lifting (50 units).
• Concrete bases are delivered on pallets separately.

Other presentations
• Electrowelded mesh panels are supplied without installed posts so that our clients can adapt and install them as needed.
•Standard presentation in plastic-strapped packages (100 units).
• Possibility of supplying it palletized for unloading with a forklift or crane (by means of lifting hooks).

Anti-corrosive protection system
• All our meshes are supplied with galvanized wires, with a minimum zinc content of 40 g/m2.
• Posts are usually galvanized as well, both inside and outside.



Panel dimensions

Portable mesh type Mesh height (mm) Grid Number of marks Wire diameter
Ø (mm)
Length of netting (mm)
Height (mm) Clearance (mm)
P.150/85/4 1750 150 85 4
3,4 3500
P.150/125/4 1750 150 125 4 3,4 3500

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